Neuropsychological and psychological evaluations for adults and teens

Neuropsychological and psychological evaluations for adults and teens

We help with diagnosis and treatment planning to help improve your quality of life

Our Mission

We specialize in comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for adults and teenagers for clinical, medical, and forensic related issues. Our mission is to provide you with evaluations to help identify your psychological and cognitive strengths and weakness to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our collaborative approach helps us customize your evaluation to meet your unique emotional and psychological needs. We give you practical feedback and support that will provide you with the knowledge and tools to help improve your quality of life.

Our Services

Neuropsychological Evaluations

A neuropsychological evaluation will help identify how a neurological or psychological condition is impacting your behavior, cognitive abilities, everyday functioning, and develop a treatment plan to address these problems.

Learning Disability and ADHD Evaluations

Many people struggle with ADHD and learning disabilities. Our evaluation will help provide recommendations for accommodations and interventions to help improve your performance in school and at work.

Dyslexia Evaluations

Dyslexia causes significant difficulties with reading, spelling and reading comprehension. An evaluation will identify if you have dyslexia and determine if you qualify for accommodations in school, on standardized tests, or at work.

Personal Injury and Independent Medical Evaluations

A comprehensive psychological or neuropsychological evaluation will help identify how an injury or traumatic event impacted your client and help them with compensation and treatment.

Competency Evaluations

A competency evaluation will help identify a client’s ability to make voluntary, reasonable, and rational choices related to their medical care, civil case, or criminal case.

Immigration Evaluations

An evaluation will help identify the psychological distress you or your family would experience if you were deported. An evaluation is essential when applying for asylum due to psychological hardship, emotional distress, or cognitive impairment.

Pre-Surgical Evaluations

These evaluations have become standard practice for some medical procedures. The evaluation will help your surgical team understand your readiness for surgery and how well you will cope with the associated lifestyle changes post-surgery.

Police Officer Pre-Employment Evaluations

A psychological evaluation helps identify candidates that meet the psychological suitability standards to work in public safety positions.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFDE)

A Fitness for Duty Evaluation helps determine if an employee can safely and effectively carry out their essential job functions.

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