Pre-Surgical Evaluations

Pre-Surgical Evaluations

Pre-surgical evaluations have become standard practice and provide your physician with information regarding your psychological functioning and mental preparedness for surgery.

In order to provide you with the best possible care, your physician will request a psychological evaluation prior to surgery. We work closely with you and your surgical team to complete a comprehensive psychological evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for surgery.

How We Can Help

Psychological and behavioral factors can play an important role when determining your readiness for surgery. A psychological evaluation will help identify your strengths, weaknesses, and your motivation for surgery.

The evaluation will help your surgical team know if you understand the post-operative effects, potential complications, and follow-up care required after surgery. A psychological evaluation can also help identify areas that you might need additional support or assistance in.

A psychological evaluation is typically requested for the following surgical procedures:

What to Expect

Our pre-surgical evaluations typically involve:

  • A clinical interview to gather relevant background information and history. The interview will help us understand important psychological, medical, and social background information, and your current cognitive and psychological functioning.
  • Consultation with your physician and surgeon to learn more about the surgery they are requesting an evaluation for and specific questions they wanted answered in the evaluation.
  • Administration of psychological tests and self-report questionnaires to assess your current level of psychological functioning.
  • After we complete the evaluation, we will write a comprehensive report that integrates our findings, identifies your strengths and weaknesses, provides treatment recommendations, and give it to you and your physician.
  • We will also conduct a feedback session to go over testing results and our treatment recommendations.

A psychological evaluation will assess your readiness for surgery and identify additional areas you need support in

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