Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFDE)

Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFDE)

A Fitness for Duty Evaluation is requested when an employee displays behavior that would indicate that the individual may have a psychological condition that impairs their ability to safely and effectively carry out their essential job functions or poses a direct threat.

Example of behaviors that can result in a Fitness for Duty Evaluation include arrests for DUI or violent crimes, excessive absences or sick time abuse, anger toward co-workers, suspected alcohol or drug use, excessive complaints from co-workers or the public, or refusal to obey policies and procedures.

How We Can Help

The goal of a Fitness for Duty Evaluation is to determine if an employee can safely and effectively carry out the essential duties of their job. This is especially critical in employees in public safety positions such as law enforcement or corrections.

Dr. Gharibian specializes in conducting psychological evaluations with individuals in public safety positions. He completed part of his post-doctoral training as a law enforcement psychologist at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Dr. Gharibian is also a Level 1A Reserve Police Officer with the Glendale Police Department.

Dr. Gharibian’s background and training as a police officer and police psychologist allow him to conduct a comprehensive and objective evaluation to determine if an employee can safely and effectively carry out the essential duties of their job.

What to Expect

A Fitness for Duty Evaluation typically involves the following:

  • The employer will provide Dr. Gharibian the following:
    • A written description of the objective evidence giving rise to concerns about the employee’s fitness for duty and any particular questions that the employer would like Dr. Gharibian to address.
    • Background and collateral information regarding the employee’s past and recent performance, conduct, and functioning.
  • We will administer one or more psychological tests to assess for psychological and personality functioning.
  • If there are suspected cognitive deficits, we will administer neuropsychological tests to assess for impairments in cognitive functioning.
  • We will conduct an in-depth interview to give the employee an opportunity to describe the problems they are having from their perspective.
  • After we complete the evaluation, we will write a comprehensive report summarizing our findings, provide recommendations, and submit it to the employer.

A Fitness for Duty Evaluation helps determine if an employee can safely and effectively perform the essential duties of their job

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